It all started in 1976. STEPHANE RAYNOR, the original creator, had a dream that the “Eagle” Device and the words “BOY LONDON” would be famous around the world. It began with a revolution On the streets of London – Punk, the youth culture of the MID 70’s, was created at 153, kinds roads, London SW3.

STEPHANE’s vision was still to see his label grow into a global empire, and to make pop star clothing Accessible not only to the rich and famous, but to the kids all over the world. Soon his dream was to become reality through the world’s pop personalities, television stars and media, Which showed celeb-rities like boy George, Elton John, Madonna, the pet shop boys and many more super stars sporting the “BOY LONDON” look.

With his inspirations moving through clothing into watches and accessories, STEPHANE wants to see the youth of the world wearing his creations from head to toe – from the catwalks to the fashion pages, in the clubs and on the streets. This is the official trade mark carried on all the boy products created by STEPHANE RAYNOR and his designers




This page is dedicated to the legendary clothing company which is known for their punk-inspired aesthetics, use of German WWII eagle, swasticas, etc.

BOY clothes was worn and made even more popular by many musicians including : BOY GEORGE , PET SHOP BOYS, JOHNNY SLUT (of goth band SPECIMEN) and many others.
Here you will find lot’s of images of 80’s fashion warriors wearing BOY.